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Kali Ma Botanica

Fiber Optic Dance Whips

Fiber Optic Dance Whips

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Fun fiber optic dance whip. Features super bright lights in 40 colors. Swivels 360° for optimum movement.

  • Great for Dancing, Parties, Light Shows, EDM Music Festivals and Family Gatherings
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The Essence of Incense

Incense are plant materials that are burned to release their fragrant aromas. They come packaged in sticks, cones, and powders in fragrances from sandalwood to jasmine to palo santo. Incense has been around for centuries, and it still has a place in many spiritual and religious rituals in cultures around the world.

- Clear negative energy
- Deepen concentration while meditating
- Open your heart center
- Help you relax and unwind
- Perform rituals
- Enhance sexual libido
- Become grounded