3 Basics to Creating a Ritual

3 Basics to Creating a Ritual

When thinking to create a ritual, it's best to start with the basics and keep it simple.

1. Intention. What is your intention? Love? Money? Protection? Why are your performing the ritual? What is the end result that is desired? Set the proper intention.

2. Environment. Create your environment for the ritual. Clean the area. Select the lighting, incense, music and candles. Choose the right time of day. Bathe and dress according to the environment. 

3. Meditate, Chant, Sing, Dance. Determine what will embody your ritual. Use your energy to create the body of the ritual. Let your soul and spirit follow.

The beauty of rituals is that you can determine your ritual. It is a personal action that is yours to create. We suggest documenting in a journal the ritual and the response your spirt had to the ritual.

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